Cezanne-esque Feminine Woman (Sort of)

I recently went to London for a family visit during which I visited the National Portrait Gallery’s Cezanne exhibit. One of the paintings on display commented that the painter’s style included using warm and cool colors to create facial features of his portrait subjects, among other techniques. This is my rendition of a feminine woman in which I attempted to increase my use of cooler tones for her complexion. I have room for growth to add even more cool colors.


Chocolate Lab Puppies – Moab, Utah

One day in Moab I took a walk with a friend and her family of chocolate lab puppies who are all from the same litter. When the litter mates get together (they are scattered in various homes around town) about 11 dogs show up aged from four months old to their grandma and older brother. I get plenty of fun  and laughs from spending time with these rambunctious pups who can’t resist roughhousing.

In my painting (top) Annie is looking down on her brother Tripp. When I began this painting I set out to paint a car door with a window since Annie frequently peers out the car in excitement, however I resorted to painting what hopefully resembles a crude window cutout of a wall. There is never a dull moment with these animals who always make me smile and contribute dusty paw prints to whatever I am wearing!

Revamping Tired Kitchen Pottery – Let’s Hope They Remain Intact

I have been tired of these busy looking designs on my kitchen pottery for quite some time and finally decided to give them an overhaul. Since winter is here I spend more time than ever cooking. First I sanded the ceramic finish on this spoon rest and utensil holder. Next I added red and gold acrylic paint, and lastly acrylic gloss. The spoon rest is intended to resemble a wine glass. The utensil holder is a little goofier looking with glasses containing leftover wine drops. While I’m not positive how durable these finished end products will be they are a more fun, colorful improvement to liven up my kitchen – and better yet the entire process took less than three hours. Oh, and I neglected to mention I left the inside of the utensil holder the same. Yes, I know pink clashes with red! 

Resurrecting my blog with fall colors

I decided to resurrect my painting blog and share it after I took a siesta from writing about my art. I never stopped painting, instead I got too busy to generate interesting writing content.

Since moving to Moab I have experimenting with painting red rock landscapes which I can say I have at least attempted but do not particularly enjoy. I just finished this fall piece that was inspired by an October weekend trip to Telluride, Colorado which is a three hour drive from Moab, Utah. The purple in the background is supposed to be a rock face with frozen icicles dripping down it. The girl with the braid is throwing rocks into the water or staring at the fall colors in awe.

I am counting down the weeks until my first international vacation in several years, and coming up with simple, homemade Christmas gift ideas, so who knows what these thoughts or adventures will inspire.

Moab Rim Rocks

I now live in Moab, Utah and right outside my apartment is a view of the Moab Rim. This rocky ridge presents a spectacular sunset in the evenings. Moab Rim

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

While on vacation in Orange County, California, I did some stand up paddle boarding and tried my hand at it again in Moab, Utah. This painting is a rendition of my day on Dana Point Harbor where young children on summer vacation almost crashed into me in their small hand-controlled boats.

Summer Vacation

After graduating with my Master’s Degree I took a short vacation to San Diego and Orange County, California where I took long walks on the beach and did outdoor activities near the ocean. My current paintings are inspired by these fun ocean scenes.