An Early-American Portrait AKA Merging Two Images Without PhotoShop

Week of June 1 (Part 1)Challenge-2-web

Photo 1 (right): I am known for selecting two images and combining a few elements of each towards an imagined end product. I guess that is what PhotoShop was designed for. I am attempting to combine two photos – one of myself; another of my sister Susan – that we took turns shooting in the Big Apple’s Central Park.

Wondering why? A few days after an April business trip to Charleston, South Carolina I visited Magnolia Plantation. The highlight of my guided tour of the rice plantation’s property was the Plantation House, where a guide explained the 1800’s Modern American painters’ approach to portraits. Oddly enough, in the winter they began indoors by painting one individual’s body, headless. Several months later the same artist returned to paint the head of another person to complete the figure. Hence the body and head were never quite in proportion to each other. This eases the pressure as I begin Susan’s torso. I accidentally included her hairstyle in my initial value sketch.NY NY March-April 2009 188


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