An Early American Portrait – Part 3

Week of June 15

Photo 3 (right): Next I went on to better capture Susan’s feminine movement (or lack of it) and gesChallenge-2-no-3-webtures, by adding texture and attaching buttons to her “straight jacket.” She even has a bag over her shoulder. Hopefully my sister will appreciate her more robust torso to complement those hips. On second thought several days after this session, the colors of her outfit almost resemble a Civil War soldier’s uniform! Ironic considering the war began in Charleston which is where I stumbled upon one of these portraits.

Limners.” My research on Early-American portraiture revealed that this was the name for the group of early 1700’s portrait painters. Limners were self taught craftsmen who knew little about the fundamentals of art and lacked a personal style. They painted what they saw, used color arbitrarily, and the end-product was often flat and lifeless. I hope nobody says that about my paintings… if anything I can always be known as the woman who paints in pink and purple! “Despite the Limner’s inadequacies as an artist, their paintings have a special simplicity and sincerity,” claims the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.


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