Painting Under the Influence

Week of July 13

Canvas-Cocktails-webPainting is a solitary activity for many people, including me.  If spending time alone in a dark studio does not appeal to you, then an evening at Canvas and Cocktails in Cherry Creek North may. Several evenings ago I attended one of the business’s “how to” classes and, surrounded by a full class of people bubbling with enthusiasm, painted the Denver Skyline. The Friday night collection included couples, single friends, and a mother and son pair.

The non-threatening storefront setting of Canvas and Cocktails is perfect for beginners, social gatherings, and anybody who wishes to experiment.  Class participants receive step by step instruction to complete a featured painting and are welcome to bring their drink of choice to add to the fun, or if necessary, spark their creative juices. Paintbrushes, a palette, apron, easel and canvas are included with class registration.

I met owner Brittney Wilson last summer through her role coordinating tennis social activities atMy-Denver-Skyline-web Gates Tennis Center. Now in a different social setting, Brittney began her demonstration by showing us how to apply the first stroke to create Denver’s blue sky. White and grey mountain peaks preceded “planting” the grass and inserting the downtown buildings. Brittney’s enthusiasm was infectious as she directed us to mix certain colors to create periwinkle blue, lime green and mocha brown, and she consistently encouraged creativity outside of her instructions. We were encouraged to liven up the grass in the foreground and background before accenting the buildings, mountains and sky. The funnel cloud in the upper left corner of my painting (right) indicates their unusual frequency this summer. Brittney provided tips for any Type A personalities to let their hair down a little, and occasionally directed us to “retire” a paintbrush before picking up another. View Denver Skyline by Brittney Wilson.

Canvas and Cocktails is a casual setting allowing those who may not have the necessary materials or encouragement to exercise their creativity. Cheers to Brittney for such a fun night!


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