Painting Faces

Week of July 20

A day after returning from my successful climb of Mt. San Luis, a 14er in Colorado’s San Juan range,Bodypainting-web I decided to let my hair down and draw with my paintbrushes.  It took me several months to break this habit which used to constrain my “painterly painting” abilities as I like to call them, but I could never recreate detailed bodypaint patterns with my knives.  Ironically, two years ago letting my hair down involved using a palette knife to loosen up my strokes.  My model’s unnatural “tint” also gave me an excuse to not accurately capture his skin tones.

On June 25 I volunteered for the Colorado Aids Project’s Art for Aids fundraiser.  This was the first time in years the silent auction took place outdoors.  The private garden party’s guests were crammed underneath a large tent for shelter from a torrential downpour.  They made mad dashes to the bar, although the Happy Cakes cupcakes were within easy reach.  A man and woman posing as live entertainment during and after the bodypainting process tried to circulate through the crowds and stay dry.

Capturing the male’s torso from a photograph reminded me of the painting class I took from Michelle Torrez back in March.  The goal was to capture the gestures of models who posed for 5 to 10 minutes.  I initially found the whole process strange but grew to love the unprententious task of not trying to complete a finished product.  This end product is far too busy looking and the colors are too dazzling, even for me.  This guy is a mixture of mismatched textures and obnoxious colors, and unless I knew that the red bands around his neck are an accessory, it would be hard to tell if they were deep bloody gashes.

A few facts about bodypainting before I end.  This form of body art is considered by some as the most ancient form of art.  Makeup artist Max Factor was arrested in the 1930s for public disturbance when he applied body paint to a nude model.  I bet Max Factor could help touch up this model!


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