Short and Sweet

Week of August 17

Columbine-1--webI painted these Columbines last Saturday after a 5:20 am start to a morning spent volunteering at the Colorado Aids Project’s annual Aids Walk. The next day I had to help the PHAMALY group at the theater. For a change I took a break from one of my energetic, productive projects which lately have involved a lot of cooking followed by painting the end products, without leaving my apartment. I took photos of Colorado’s native flower while hiking Mt. San Luis earlier this summer and have them in mind for another cookbook image. I may end up taking the miniature canvases to South Africa as a gift for a friend who lived in Colorado.

Painting the Columbines was fairly straightforward. The biggest hassle was trying to stabilize the small squares on the large easels at the Art Students League. They both flipped off several times and landed face-down on the floor!Columbine-2--web

Lately all I have been able to think about is how much I am looking forward to my three week vacation in November. It seems like luxury to think about putting my feet up…not literally since I could never sit still for that long. I have a lot of work to do between now and then like attracting more followers to Plum2Paint, work projects and another conference to pull off, and compiling the cookbook. Coincidentally just yesterday my sister sent another South African recipe for me to include.


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