What I’ve Been Doing…Where I’ve Been

Halloween – October 31

Its been two months since I managed to string two sentences together, on this site that is.  I’ve spent countless hours designing, formatting and fine-tuning my Family Cookbook which became problematic and is almost ready for its second printing (yes, second printing!).  The book turned into a much bigger project than anticipated and I’m quite glad its 99.9% complete.  I made it through another hectic work conference in California, and am on track to meet my work deadlines.  The only task on my To Do list that I cannot proudly check off is findin the time and energy to creatively gather Plum2Paint followers.

I’m counting down the 6Glasshouse-1-web days until I leave on my long overdue 3 week vacation to South Africa, and thought I would share the paintings I’ve completed in the time I’ve managed to devote to painting.  I’ve really missed my regular painting time. The Saturday afternoon after I enjoyed watching the movie Julie & Julia, images of the Seine River swirled through my mind as I sat on the banks of Denver’s Platte River to paint the “Glasshouse.”  This is a nickname for the building opposite the  REI Flagship store downtown.  I spent several hours painting that afternoon, and managed to return to the same spot the following day and even parked in the same lot, after being issued an inappropriate traffic ticket which I contested and won.  Several weeks later I completed the outdoor scene, albeit within the confines of an Art Students League studio.

Next I recreated this lion and its cub that were photographed in South Africa.  I love this piece!  With my visit looming on the horizon I thought it was an appropriate subject before I trashed the old placemats I purchased on my last visit to my home country.  It took a few weeks to perfect this scene which is quite different to anything I have ever done before, except that I don’t know how evident it is that there are two bodies snuggled together, and not just one large lion with a head randomly placed in front of it!


I could not fit painting into my work travel schedule, but last Sunday managed to sit down for several hours and produced tNew-York-Scene-webhis fascinating New York City street scene within the confines of my apartment.  I tried not to become bogged down with the details, and succeeded!  When I sat down to paint, I thought back to a year ago when I attempted a similar street scene photographed in Mexico, void of any figures because I didn’t have the guts to attempt painting them.  This end product is a far cry from that one which currently hangs in my office.  My value contrasts are stronger, the perspective is accurate, and the figure in the forefront is just a rough outline.  I became engrossed in painting this simple yet effective scene.

I know there won’t be time to paint while I’ve overseas, but my sketchpad and camera will come in handy.  Watch this space.  Maybe I’ll even manage to gain a few steady readers…


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