Another Flower…

February 4, 2010

I attended my first abstraction class on Tuesday night and am hooked. Tired of generating my own subject matter, I am glad to once again have some refreshing direction and inspiration. I actually have an assigned project to work on, think about and prepare for. The teacher Michael Gadlin launched into a short lecture about dissecting paintings into their basic shape compositions, and then instructed us to sketch a few deconstructed compositions on paper.

My recent encounter attempting to “marry” three South African flowers prompted me to dissect just the very thing. When asked, Michael suggested Georgia O’Keefe as an excellent flower painter. I had never spent much time examining her work because flowers and gardening do not interest me that much, however after completing my recent “bouquet” I realize how difficult they can be to master.

Ironically, the O’Keefe painting that was my least favorite out of the four I began with turned out to be the one I connected with most and grew most excited about during this “deconstruction” exercise. At first I thought Georgia’s color choice in the painting was dull, but this black and white image brings it to a different light. I mapped out these sketches with a palette knife and acrylic paint on pastel paper. The second sketch may be fun to look at but did not excite me nearly as much as my first. Next week I get to work on this flower again, and the week after, and the week after….


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