What is Africa Time?

February 18, 2010

Last week I went dumpster diving at the Bicycle Village across the parking lot from my office.  In class on Tuesday Michael was impressed with my large cardboard box and on it I produced yet another large sketch of my flower which is nothing too different from last week’s.

My friend Kim contacted me last Friday about her upcoming baby shower and mentioned that she was painting her daughter’s nursery.  “No cutesy cartoon animals for my gal!” she stated about the room’s modern design.  Her statement prompted me to finish up this cartoonish painting that I began several weeks ago, and includes none other than a group of grazing giraffes!

This image is a compilation of my South Africa trip photographs of Cape Town’s Table Mountain and my safari, as well as an internet image of the BazBus.  The new approaches I am learning in class helped me revisit its composition.  To sum up the story behind this image is a snippet from my November 13, 2009 journal.

“My journey from Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay was a classic tale of African humor, chaos and charm.  My childhood neighbor Dagmar Davidson drove me in her compact Volkswagen Golf to the Backpack Hostel well in advance of my early morning departure.  Dagmar is German and very prompt.  We were both more concerned with arriving early so that I did not miss my scheduled BazBus pickup, and failed to realize there were two hostels in close proximity to each other on Church Street in Tamboerskloof.  BazBus is a hop-on and off bus service touring between backpacker hostels in South Africa.

Minutes ticked by, then an hour, as I waited in the hostel’s entrance.  I felt guilty about my growing impatience…  I do live in America where similarly scheduled activities do not typically occur far from their mark.  I reminded the hostel’s receptionist several times that I was still waiting before she contacted the bus company who told her I was at the wrong hostel!

I begged her to have the driver turn back for me.  Fortunately the bus was already running late due to some malfunctioning mechanics and would soon be picking me up, so I had not missed my ride out of Cape Town.  I began waving and running with several wheeled bags when the bus drove right by me outside the hostel.  The driver was only parking the bus and I thanked him profusely for picking me up while he loaded my bags into the trailer.  What a classic example of Africa time.”


1 Response to “What is Africa Time?”

  1. 1 Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks February 26, 2010 at 5:28 am

    Nice post. Can’t wait to check out your paintings. Hey Nic you should send out post notices on your FB page to get more followers. Just a thought.

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