The Art of Viewing Paintings From a Distance

April 29, 2010

Although I have been painting, its been a few weeks since I posted. My neighbor Sam lent me his easel but after several attempts to fix it I still cannot set it up so will be returning it. Several Saturdays ago I took my supplies out to Morrison, a small town on the west edge of Denver. I was headed to Seattle for a work conference the following Tuesday and wanted to enjoy some fresh air. I struggled to find a free parking space, a good setting to paint and a good spot to arrange my supplies. I resorted to sitting on the grass alongside the river and began painting this house on the opposite river bank. This is not a bad effort for a quick few hours of work. I like the almost luminescent colors that “pop” in this photograph. It was only while standing in my dark bathroom later that night viewing the piece from a distance that I realized its effectiveness. My recent painting instructor Michael Gadlin encouraged me to do this with my finished, or almost finished pieces.

Last Saturday I was happy to finally give this gift to my friend Kim at her baby shower. Her daughter is due in May and these calla lilies fit into her nursery’s color scheme and design. I worked on this piece during my recent class.

Now I have to begin brainstorming for ideas for a few more “commissions” for friends who have asked for accessories for their homes. Watch this space for city scenes photographed in Seattle.


1 Response to “The Art of Viewing Paintings From a Distance”

  1. 1 Andrea @ Fork Fingers Chopsticks. May 1, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Lovely. I like the purple house. The yellow and green tones are a nice contrast. the former giving light and the latter giving depth.

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