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Art Exhibit In Wash Park, Denver

July 26, 2010

This evening I took a box of paintings and hung them at Wash Perk, a coffee shop in the West Washington Park Neighborhood of Denver. This miscellaneous collection of my work over the past two years will be on display at the casual, friendly corner java joint until the end of August. Please stop by and enjoy some refreshments. Thank you for your support and encouragement to continue painting!

853 E. Ohio Avenue (Ohio and Emerson – 3 blocks west of Washington Park) – MAP

Sat. & Sun. 7am-5pm; Mon. – Fri. 6am-5pm

Phone: 720.542.9202


Painting Summer Flowers

July 20, 2010

I cannot help but feel as though my trip to the Grand Canyon took place months ago. In reality, it feels like such a long time ago because I have been painting like a fiend since returning to Denver in mid-June. I had fun crafting this pair of complementary flower pieces intended for a co-worker’s master bedroom. In addition to needing to take regular breaks from trying to perfect every wrinkle, fold and textured petal, I was challenged with matching up the colors, values and textures comprising each piece while still maintaining their individual identities in case they are displayed independently.