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A September and October Series Completed…

November 1, 2010

I just reread my post titled “A New Series for September” which took the length of October to complete due to my busy work schedule. Several of my critics prefer my pastel drawings of the rock formations I experienced in the Badlands of South Dakota over my paintings of them, however I think the series is successful. I completed drawings of three different scenes at different times throughout the morning which is evidenced by the light and shadows present. I completed my first drawing (left) at approximately 7 am, the second (below) at approximately 9 am and the last one (evidenced in the previous post) at about noon. Although I struggled to maintain organic shapes and curves in the second piece, I did capture effective color and value contrasts. This end product is my favorite because the shapes appear more natural and so does the blending of color and value. It was also the easiest piece to paint.

Next week I head to New Orleans for a work conference which will hopefully allow me the opportunity to take some photos of the interesting, lively city which I have yet to experience!