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Painting in a Cast

This winter I broke my wrist and my first thought was, “I can’t paint.”  It turns out that I actually could.  Inspired by the Sochi Winter Olympics I produced this colorful downhill skier.  I didn’t really plan for him to be headless, it just happened.  The most interesting piece of this painting is the second body in the bottom left corner that Downhill skiercould either be perceived as a shadow of the main character, or one of his buddies who has fallen by the wayside.

I’ve been watching “Breaking Bad” for the last three months and am wondering if the macabre, graffic storyline and images have been influencing my art negatively.  The piece to the right was intended to be a gymnast clinging to rings, and the character to the left was intended to be a clown.  This is a rather eerie scene which I’m not sure I like. Gymnast