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Resurrecting my blog with fall colors

I decided to resurrect my painting blog and share it after I took a siesta from writing about my art. I never stopped painting, instead I got too busy to generate interesting writing content.

Since moving to Moab I have experimenting with painting red rock landscapes which I can say I have at least attempted but do not particularly enjoy. I just finished this fall piece that was inspired by an October weekend trip to Telluride, Colorado which is a three hour drive from Moab, Utah. The purple in the background is supposed to be a rock face with frozen icicles dripping down it. The girl with the braid is throwing rocks into the water or staring at the fall colors in awe.

I am counting down the weeks until my first international vacation in several years, and coming up with simple, homemade Christmas gift ideas, so who knows what these thoughts or adventures will inspire.