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Chocolate Lab Puppies – Moab, Utah

One day in Moab I took a walk with a friend and her family of chocolate lab puppies who are all from the same litter. When the litter mates get together (they are scattered in various homes around town) about 11 dogs show up aged from four months old to their grandma and older brother. I get plenty of fun  and laughs from spending time with these rambunctious pups who can’t resist roughhousing.

In my painting (top) Annie is looking down on her brother Tripp. When I began this painting I set out to paint a car door with a window since Annie frequently peers out the car in excitement, however I resorted to painting what hopefully resembles a crude window cutout of a wall. There is never a dull moment with these animals who always make me smile and contribute dusty paw prints to whatever I am wearing!