…for a fruitful life. (No art degree required).

Mission: To share my approach to painting from fingers lacking formal training. Anybody can do it, there are no rules or regulations!


“The painter mixes her color palette to her mind’s eye.”

Paul Bertolli, Best Food Writing 2004

Why the sunflower? The answer is simple. Therapy comes in many shapes and forms; it can be methodical or spontaneous. This time round it was spontaneous. I lacked inspiration one winter night yet I gathered my supplies before heading down the road for my weekly painting session. In sudden need of subject matter I rifled through a stack of photographs rescued from a pile of remnants, and returned two hours later with this sunflower painted on a recycled canvas. It continually earns compliments.

After previously dabbling in different mediums including acrylic and pastels, I find solace in oil painting. My goal is to share the challenges I undertake as I learn and grow as an artist. They may not always have a rhyme or reason, however they will more than likely have a practical origin due to my nature, or be just a little bizarre.

Q: What is a recycled canvas?

A: I cover up a tired old painting with gesso before painting over it.

Nicola_bw-for-webAbout Me: Nicola Grun. I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to the USA with my family at the end of 1994 during my high school years. I live in the Mile High City – Denver, Colorado. I have written numerous articles for various publications particularly focusing on fine arts, and two years ago began taking painting classes at the Art Students League of Denver. In my spare time I also enjoy biking, playing tennis, snowboarding, cooking, baking, more baking…did I mention baking?…and spending time with friends and family. I serve on the Board of Directors of PHAMALY – http://www.phamaly.org – and frequently volunteer for the Colorado Aids Project.  Send me an email at plum2paint@gmail.com.

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1 Response to “About Plum2Paint”

  1. 1 Carrie July 6, 2009 at 9:26 pm

    Love the sunflower Nicola, and the caption below it. Very entertaining!

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