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Summer Vacation

After graduating with my Master’s Degree I took a short vacation to San Diego and Orange County, California where I took long walks on the beach and did outdoor activities near the ocean. My current paintings are inspired by these fun ocean scenes.

Something New…Two Horses in Wyoming

I took a trip to Jackson, Wyoming in March 2016 and came upon these horses in the Elk Refuge. Its my second painting horses, except this time I didn’t try to paint someone riding them and cutting their heads off which made the riders look like people from a macabre drama mystery. two-horses

Spring Has Sprung

In my last attempt to capture an athlete I had the urge to paint a rockclimber.  My color choice is effective and this man is definitely going somewhere! RockClimber

Yearning for new subject matter I was inspired by a photo of the Philippines so experimented with a few birds in paradise. Trying to make the birds appear as though they had life was hard but I think I succeeded. Birds of Paradise


After visiting the Clyfford Still Museum I was inspired to paint my self-portrait and experiment with a few abstract concepts.  I’m receiving positive feedback about my abstract, crooked and cartoonish figures so am continuing on… Circle of Life

Self-Portrait March 2013






One Mischievous Cat

Presenting Puss ‘n Boots waiting to cause some trouble….


Extraordinary People

The summer Olympic games – or perhaps a feat of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things – is my latest inspiration. These exhilarating games inspired me to begin working on a series of images of olympic athletes, particularly sprinters and a cyclist. The human figure has always been a challenge for me but I decided to brazenly try to capture its proportions in a realistic fashion. Stay tuned for further pieces in my series.




Spring Flowers 2012

“Unemployed” and “on the dole.” These potentially miserable adjectives have come up in many personal conversations over the last few months. “I am so sorry,” “congratulations” and “enjoy” are just a few comments I have received from friends, acquaintances and strangers. However, these few months have been productive. Several of my “unemployment” paintings are different to my previous pieces. Three depict one of my least favorite choices of subject matter – the human figure.

Viewing Denver painter Dick Ott‘s yoga poses at my neighborhood coffee shop Wash Perk inspired me to incorporate similar silhouettes in my own work. After experimenting and challenging myself to capture the human body, I am less afraid to attempt to recreate it on canvas.

My most recent piece is a simple flower in a vase inspired by the lilac bushes blooming across town. It is my rendition of a cutting from my spider plant placed in a glass jar. I used my imagination to add a few blooms.