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Revamping Tired Kitchen Pottery – Let’s Hope They Remain Intact

I have been tired of these busy looking designs on my kitchen pottery for quite some time and finally decided to give them an overhaul. Since winter is here I spend more time than ever cooking. First I sanded the ceramic finish on this spoon rest and utensil holder. Next I added red and gold acrylic paint, and lastly acrylic gloss. The spoon rest is intended to resemble a wine glass. The utensil holder is a little goofier looking with glasses containing leftover wine drops. While I’m not positive how durable these finished end products will be they are a more fun, colorful improvement to liven up my kitchen – and better yet the entire process took less than three hours. Oh, and I neglected to mention I left the inside of the utensil holder the same. Yes, I know pink clashes with red! 


Moab Rim Rocks

I now live in Moab, Utah and right outside my apartment is a view of the Moab Rim. This rocky ridge presents a spectacular sunset in the evenings. Moab Rim

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

While on vacation in Orange County, California, I did some stand up paddle boarding and tried my hand at it again in Moab, Utah. This painting is a rendition of my day on Dana Point Harbor where young children on summer vacation almost crashed into me in their small hand-controlled boats.

Summer Vacation

After graduating with my Master’s Degree I took a short vacation to San Diego and Orange County, California where I took long walks on the beach and did outdoor activities near the ocean. My current paintings are inspired by these fun ocean scenes.

Something New…Two Horses in Wyoming

I took a trip to Jackson, Wyoming in March 2016 and came upon these horses in the Elk Refuge. Its my second painting horses, except this time I didn’t try to paint someone riding them and cutting their heads off which made the riders look like people from a macabre drama mystery. two-horses

Spring Has Sprung

In my last attempt to capture an athlete I had the urge to paint a rockclimber.  My color choice is effective and this man is definitely going somewhere! RockClimber

Yearning for new subject matter I was inspired by a photo of the Philippines so experimented with a few birds in paradise. Trying to make the birds appear as though they had life was hard but I think I succeeded. Birds of Paradise


After visiting the Clyfford Still Museum I was inspired to paint my self-portrait and experiment with a few abstract concepts.  I’m receiving positive feedback about my abstract, crooked and cartoonish figures so am continuing on… Circle of Life

Self-Portrait March 2013