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Impressionist Scenes from Memory

rsz_ladies_at_a_partyLately I have been creating compositions using my imagination and memory of scenes.  I think they came out quite well.  This painting is of two ladies at a party, and was inspired by the happenings at my friend Kim’s 40th birthday party.  Below is an imagined city scene of Denver, Colorado.  Denver city scene

Thanksgiving Break

I wanted to rsz_1228151720_2have fun with this painting.  Usually I start my paintings with an end product in mind, however this time I added components to this lake front scene as I went along.  I started with the lake, mountains, sky line and wooden deck.  After that I added the fishing boat and other decorations.  Since Christmas was coming up I added some hanging light bulbs across the top of the deck.


Whole Foods Market

Grocery.StoreThis summer I spent countless hours in grocery stores in the Denver metro area conducting product demonstrations so I decided to paint the inside of the Whole Foods Market on Colorado Boulevard. There are plenty of colorful grocery items, flowers, cars in the parking lot and customers of course!

Summertime Painting Fun

Now that summer is here and school is out I get to have some fun and finish a painting I started in January.  I had a lot of fun with this one although the colors didn’t come out as I intended.  The summer poppies were inspired by a family roadtrip to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and were really just for fun.

Tango dancers  Summer poppies

A Wishful Summer Vacation

TahitiAfter completing my first semester of graduate school I was able to complete this island like scene that resembles an exotic location such as Tahiti or Indonesia.  It might be a while until I can go to an exotic place or paint another picture.

Wintertime Adventures

JettaAfter a break of several months I finished this playful portrait of Jetta, a black German Shepherd who loves to catch her tennis ball and pull her food and drink containers to the middle of the kitchen floor.


Next I produced a rather comical impressionist scene of my friends’ cabin Mount Sherman in Fairplay, Colorado that coincidentally overlooks the 14er Mount Sherman.  The characters on the mountain are enjoying the snowy conditions while those on the deck are enjoying the outdoor spectacle!

Mt Sherman

Painting in a Cast

This winter I broke my wrist and my first thought was, “I can’t paint.”  It turns out that I actually could.  Inspired by the Sochi Winter Olympics I produced this colorful downhill skier.  I didn’t really plan for him to be headless, it just happened.  The most interesting piece of this painting is the second body in the bottom left corner that Downhill skiercould either be perceived as a shadow of the main character, or one of his buddies who has fallen by the wayside.

I’ve been watching “Breaking Bad” for the last three months and am wondering if the macabre, graffic storyline and images have been influencing my art negatively.  The piece to the right was intended to be a gymnast clinging to rings, and the character to the left was intended to be a clown.  This is a rather eerie scene which I’m not sure I like. Gymnast